Mobile Devices and SSL Compatibility

Today, more and more people are browsing the Internet through their mobile devices. The time when cell phones were used just for calling is long gone. With the development of the different mobile devices people started using them for much more than simply answering calls. One can now check their e-mail, manage bank accounts, buy presents and pay bills through their cell phone or tablet.

A new problem arises

When people want to exchange sensitive data through their mobile device, that data needs to be protected. In other words, the recipient website must provide encrypted connection. This can happen by the use of an SSL certificate. The problem is that many mobile devices are not compatible yet.

What can be done
If you want your clients to be able to establish encrypted connection with your website, no matter how they connect to it, you need to make sure that the SSL certificate you are using supports mobile devices.

Double-check if SSL certificates are compatible
A lot of companies state that their SSL certificates are compatible with most of the mobile browsers. How can you double-check that?

Above all, make sure you are buying your certificate from a trusted certification authority. These companies normally have 30 days money back guarantee for their products. This will give you the opportunity to test the SSL on your website through different devices and if it doesn’t work as you expect it to, you can get your money back.

No time to lose – go for Unified Communications Certificate
What if you don’t have time for experiments? In case you want to be 100% sure that the SSL you buy would be compatible with most mobile devices there is one solution – a certificate especially made for that purpose. The name of this certificate is UCC – Unified Communications Certificate. It is also the only one specially designed to work with Microsoft exchange 2007/2010 and Microsoft communications server.

Another benefit of this certificate is that it is a multiple domain SSL. This means you can protect several names with one certificate which will make the installation and validation processes faster and cost effective at the same time.

What do you need to know before buying a unified communications SSL?
There are a lot of companies you can get it from, but not all of them are approved to do so. There is a list of companies authorized by Microsoft to sell unified communication certificates. If the certification authority you choose is not there you’d better find another one.

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